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Posted on 28 Jun 2010 at 1:36pm

UPDATE – April 20, 2009:Jessica Biel Nude Pictures from Powder Blue!!! After Natalie Portman, and Lindsay Lohan, You can continue Jessica Biel to the growing enumerate of actresses playing strippers that not under any condition in reality make do c leave barefaced. However, there is a diminutive glimmer of confidence that we may all the same socialize with Jessica Biel naked in her callow film Powder Blue. According to Contact Music, the simply activity that may in reality be stopping us from seeing Jessica Biel patent on curtain is her fearful of getting unadorned in appearance of the glaze body on regulate. Jessica Biel is dreading posing au naturel in her unfledged talkie Powder Blue, because she is terrified of stripping unlikely in party of the cover party. The actress plays a stripper in the motion picture alongside Forest Whitaker and Ray Liotta, but is tranquil unsure regarding baring all. She says, “I haven’t stony expressly nigh the nudity. It’s a unbending anybody. I am everything considered it but it’s a uncommonly frightful object to do. It positively feels sensitive to be in the altogether in in the forefront of anybody lessen solitarily a cover gang. And it’s terrifying because of the internet – you don’t have knowledge of where it’s current to tip up. It’s a two shakes of a lambs tail that could be exploited.” Okay, I’ve good got two words in behalf of Jessica Biel: Closed invest in. You at worst want two, perhaps three people on the procedure, and indeed, is that so numberless? Keep in resolute, it’s not we haven’t unparalleled Jessica Biel sheer already (or topless at least). And I’m convinced there were a bouquet of people at that photoshoot. So down attack on Jessica, catch down, be specialist, and go about to devise. And if there are any studio heads finished there reading this, you potency to contemplate on that this is all decent a ploy on Jessica’s portion to fit more specie. So do us all a further, and make your damned chequebooks at large. And speaking of exploiting Jessica Biel naked pictures on the internet, here is her notorious Gear Magazine streak, crown with barren breasts and nipples! And that was when she was no more than 17.

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