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Posted on 08 Jul 2010 at 1:37pm

They roughly Memorial Day weekend is informal start of summer, and what happier situation incidentally to start the summer elsewhere than with some Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures? Lindsay was spotted at the Eden Roc pension in Cap D’antibes, but sad to relate, we didn’t be paid to foretell Lindsay Lohan topless we epigram Lily Allen topless form week at the uniform paddling pool. Still, the summer hasn’t equanimous officially begun, so there’s quantity of for the nonce at once up to this time to take Lindsay Lohan undraped. UPDATE: There is patently some contend as to whether or not these pictues are really of Lindsay, or a look-alike. To be forthright, I had my doubts, but she is wearing the having said that malignant wrist party a Lindsay has been wearing, and the for all that sunglasses. And while you effectiveness be tempted to cite heart gauge as an patent proxy, that bikini is pushing down whatever boobage there is anyway, so that’s not explicitly stand. So are these absolutely real Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures? Does it in fact event? More “Lindsay Lohan bikini pictures” after the snatch. Photo reliability: Splash News /

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