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Posted on 17 Dec 2010 at 3:34pm

Mary-Kate Olsen has moved on in a episode of weeks from her, what Star is occupation, “secret boyfriend” the time Heath Ledger to Italian billionaire/drug connoisseur Lapo Elkann:

While in Paris in the interest Fashion Week, MK flirted with Lapo, the successor to the $7.3 billion Fiat auto e, who overdosed on cocaine and heroin at the hospice of a transsexual in 2005. Lapo, who modern claims he has set up gravity during AA meetings in NYC, clung to entity respecting three days in a coma previous to recovering.
“Mary-Kate and Lapo seemed bloody cozy” while sitting next to each other at the Giambattista Valli vogue picture on Feb. 28, says a commencement.

Oh yeah, this guy’s precisely. But at least he’ll embark to learn Heath Ledger and the bourse joust with stories everywhere having intimacy with a coke-fueled monkey-woman. Should be pastime. What? You can’t tumulus me Mary-Kate doesn’t sway from the ceiling mostly her dock. That’s reasonable study.

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