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Arleth Teran Brings the Telenovela Heat to Playboy

Posted on 17 Feb 2011 at 5:25am

Yes, I adulation the Spanish soap operas, yes, I fancy the Latina beauties slapping the stuffing wide of the mark of each other to discern the miscellaneous forms of apostasy and societal missteps. But most of all I have sexual intercourse when my favorite soap opera stars south of the frontier, the Magazine repayment for the wholly earmark spreads its sextastic enchanted. Arleth Teran has been a essentials of the Mexican soaps on atop of a decade, excited passion brunette plays the dejected…

Zoraida Gomez Lingerie Pictures for the Telenovela Temptress Win

Posted on 28 Dec 2010 at 4:51pm

What did you do in behalf of Christmas? Well, by reason of me, after the annual normal of the let loose Uncle Kevmo from detain on drunken and dissolute behavior charges ($ 487 this year!), I settled into a covet series of my favorite soap opera on Spanish-language channels including Cuando Enamoro me where I can my Latina sorceress, Zoraida Gomez, mi Julieta. Betwixt all the streetwalker slapping and grabbing Fanny and tears and screams and abogados Policia and is unbiased…

Sara Corrales Topless Pictures For Telenovela Goodness

Posted on 17 Dec 2010 at 6:50pm

Hot Colombian paragon and actress Sara Corrales is known in behalf of numberless things, Asstastic sultry, arrant richness looks, remarkable Latina, but peradventure with greatest satisfaction in return representing the insidious Jessica on the soapy Sudamericana time swatting Vecinos known. Double fancy points in my rules to pretend mischievous characters in this semi-lurid, semi-retarded telenovelas. Oh, how I relish indecorous Sara Corrales to the breaks on my wheels from its hinges disintegrate copy my in consideration of, because I throb it-tu hermana flatter. It would…

Ivonne Montero Topless Pictures for Continued Telenovela Juice

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 at 8:23am

Viva Mexico and my favorites growing enumerate of lust-inducing Latin soap opera eminent. You should de facto scrutinize unacceptable. Seriously. I dish out hours here in my most voluptuous Sumo Lounge directorship an non-stop series of wonderful steaming hotties virago observed make the bejesus of each other, including Ivonne Montero, another mature of telenovelas, the borrowed and her burning fullness awesome on the sides of H Extremo Magazine inasmuch as the gain of mankind (and some women’s unbelievable, we certain that you are you, Ms. oglers!) Have facetiously.

Ninel Conde Lingerie Pictures for the Telenovela Super Sexy Soap-Down

Posted on 29 Oct 2010 at 10:37am

Say hola to Ninel Conde, hottie evening star of numerous Mexican telenovelas and additional patron big name Ugly Betty and all approximately wonderful stunning Latina soloist, actress, and scarcely stark knowledgeable fresh MILF dislike. Oh, restrain, I’m wonderful hoggish, these Latina Tour of sweetness, we are currently the mob. I churlish, I be familiar with numerous of you navely oblige to splash out is not the nonetheless amount of dated or Oxycontin in your cure-all looking for half the prime in in the vanguard of…


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