The Hottest Football Fan

The Hottest Football Fan

Delilah G is one of our most beautiful models and has a lot of experience. She was born in cold Russia and after spending her initial few years there, in 2001, she moved to the beautiful and romantic country of France. France put its magic over her and she got attracted to the world of eroticism and nudity.

She was very young when she started her career in the nude modeling industry. While we all know beauty is subjective, and every man has a preference, Delilah G is a model who transcends those boundaries. She is too gorgeous for this world and can captivate any man who looks at her. Her face which says sexy, cute, and goofy at the same time is just too much for any straight man to resist.

If you are looking at her and thinking that she looks familiar, it is because a few photos of hers went viral on both social and mainstream media during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In all of those photos, she was seen wearing risky white outfits supporting her home country. She was even named Miss Moscow in the year 2007. Well, they definitely weren’t wrong in naming her so.

Her photos were an instant hit, with both social media users and mainstream media channels trying to identify her. This proves our point that she can make any guy fall for her looks. If her golden hair does not succeed in capturing your attention, her bright blue eyes will. And if you still somehow manage to resist her initially, it will only take you one look at a naked Delilah G to get smitten.

Her gorgeous breasts are a thing of art and perfectly go with the rest of her body, making for a completely amazing figure. Owing to her looks, she has also been a model for Playboy. She even became a Playmate for Playboy Russia in the month of October 2015. Her starting at a young age surely helped her career in more ways than one, and today she is one of the best-known nude models around the world.