The best of Gold Rush Cabaret for You

On the last day before the wedding, the bachelor party is often celebrated. For this occasion, a stripper is gladly booked by the friends of the groom. A strip show for a bachelor party is always a special highlight. With the time you save a lot of time. You can request multiple strippers with a free request, whether for a bachelor party, parties or birthday. When you know About Gold Rush Cabaret then surely you will be knowing a lot about it.

How does it work to book a stripper?

The easiest way to book a stripper is on your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Very comfortable from home. After your free request, you will receive offers and current photos from several strippers. You can compare in peace and choose your desired strippers for a bachelor party and book. Your personal data is protected by SSL encryption against unauthorized access. The request is absolutely free of charge and obliges you to nothing.

What does the stripper look like?

People are constantly changing, so we do not have a picture gallery. The stripper will make you an offer in which also suitable costume suggestions for bachelor party and photos of the stripper are included. You can describe a stripper in our free request form as much as you like. For example, a stripper for a bachelor party with big breasts and blond hair. On your request, strippers will be able to get in touch who have time on the date of the bachelor party and who will match your wishes. Many suggestions have already been incorporated into our free inquiry form. The advantage of a written request over a phone call is that there are fewer misunderstandings. It is forwards your request for a stripper for a bachelor party to dancers who live near you and have free appointments at the time of your choice. This will save you from frustrating cancellations of fully booked dancers.

 The best of Gold Rush Cabaret for You

What should be considered when booking a stripper?

The fee that you have agreed with the stripper for the appearance at the bachelor party, you pay directly to the stripper. A final price is agreed, in which already travel costs, etc. are included. You do not have to pay a commission or agency fee to us. The use for you as a customer is completely free. The fee is given to the stripper after the strip show, usually cash. Factors influencing the amount of money include travel costs, the popularity of the stripper and occupancy. Therefore, we only give your request to regional strip artists within a radius of approximately 200km.

Saving tip: If the stripper is booked for the bachelor party in the afternoons and during the week, it’s cheaper than evenings and weekends.

What about special wishes with the stripper?

Special wishes with a stripper for a bachelor party often affect the costume. There are already some costume suggestions in our free inquiry form. For example, nurse, cowgirl, schoolgirl, as well as paint and leather. However, your imagination knows no bounds and you can discuss the bachelorette costume directly with the stripper. In addition, it is also possible to book a lively buffet or a sexy waitress. At the lively buffet, the body of the stripper is covered with many delicacies, which may then be enjoyed by the guests of the bachelor party.

What is not allowed with a stripper?

A bachelor party should be a nice experience, from which the future bride may also experience without jealousy. In no case are sex and sexual acts allowed. The stripper performs a strip show for the bachelor party and then says goodbye to all guests. To be on the safe side, ask the stripper how the striping streak works and what experiences, inspiration and tips she can give you. We recommend to arrange special requests with the stripper before booking, then you can enjoy the strip show at the bachelor party.